KNOXVILLE: Ian Madsen Holds Off Brother Kerry for Capitani Classic Victory

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa — official release — Frank Smith photo — Australian Ian Madsen became the third different winner in as many runnings of the Capitani Classic sprint car race at Knoxville Raceway.

Madsen led every lap for his sixth victory of the season and the fifth of his career at Knoxville Raceway.

Madsen had to hold off his brother, Kerry, for the victory.

“I never imagined it in this world,” Madsen said. “I was so angry after qualifying; I thought we had messed up a good chance at having a really good night. I couldn’t believe it when I found out I was on the front row.”

Finding slower traffic by the 10th round, Madsen held a constant half straightaway lead as the race from second through fifth was anyone’s game.

Battling with Justin Henderson and Kerry Madsen for several laps, Davey Heskin’s car seemed to get better with time as the No. 56 found second on lap 12. Still battling around with Kevin Swindell and Brian Brown joining the mix, the group began running down Ian Madsen who worked into heavier slower traffic before the caution flew with five laps to run as Kevin Swindell slapped the wall in turn two; ending the defending champions bid for three consecutive podium finishes.

Working into third before the caution, Brian Brown shot to the runner spot on the restart. Taking off after Madsen, the opportunity would never present itself as Ian Madsen ran to his first Capitani Classic victory.

Brian Brown from eighth was second with Kerry Madsen coming back to third after falling as far back as sixth. Davey Heskin ended up fourth with Justin Henderson making up the top five.

Brad Sweet, Danny Lasoski, Daryn Pittman, hard-charger Shane Stewart and Jason Johnson rounded out the top 10.

Randy Hannagan set quick time over the 71-car field.


RESULTS: Capitani Classic; Knoxville Raceway; August 3, 2014

Fast time: Randy Hannagan, 15.866 seconds (71 cars).

First Heat (8 laps):Davey Heskin, Bronson Maeschen, Danny Holtgraver, Randy Hannagan, Clint Garner, Sammy Swindell, Brooke Tatnell, Johnny Herrera, Danny Dietrich, Sheldon Haudenschild, Dustin Selvage, Josh Schneiderman.

Second Heat (8 laps): Paul McMahan, Shane Stewart, Danny Lasoski, Joey Saldana, Terry McCarl, Travis Rilat, Trey Starks, Brady Bacon, Jac Haudenschild, Jimmy Light, Chris Martin, Christopher Bell.

Third Heat (8 laps): Justin Henderson, Mark Dobmeier, Daryn Pittman, Tim Shaffer, Bryan Clauson, Greg Hodnett, Cole Wood, Tasker Phillips, Brandon Wimmer, Dustin Clark, Andy Gregg, Calvin Landis.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Lynton Jeffrey, Kerry Madsen, Brian Brown, Craig Dollansky, Don Droud Jr., Glen Saville, Rico Abreu, Brad Loyet, Josh Hodges, Dusty Zomer, Bob Weuve, Jeff Swindell.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Tony Bruce Jr., Ian Madsen, Brad Sweet, Dale Blaney, R.J. Johnson, Logan Schuchart, Paige Polyak, Greg Wilson, Dakota Hendrickson, Chris Shirek, Brian Paulus.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): Jason Johnson, Jason Meyers, Kevin Swindell, David Gravel, Cody Darrah, Wayne Johnson, Colby Copeland, A.J. Moeller, Jacob Allen, T.J. Peterson, Mike Moore, Kevin Ingle.

First B Main (12 laps): Hannagan, Shaffer, Blaney, Abreu, Darrah, S. Swindell,Droud, Wood, Hodnett, Tatnell, Herrera, Selvage, Wimmer, Shirek, Wilson, Starks, Paulus, Gregg, Clark, S. Haudenschild, Dietrich, Schuchart, Phillips, Ingle, Hendrickson.

Second B Main (12 laps): Dollansky, Saldana, McCarl, Gravel, W. Johnson, Garner, R.J. Johnson, Clauson, Rilat, Copeland, Loyet, Bacon, Saville, Hodges, Polyak, Light, Moore, Weuve, J. Haudenschild, Zomer, Martin, Allen, Moeller, Peterson, Bell.

Feature (25 laps): I. Madsen, Brown, K. Madsen, Heskin, Henderson, Sweet, Lasoski, Pittman, Stewart, J. Johnson, Maeschen, Dobmeier, Meyers, Bruce, Jeffrey, Blaney, McMahan, McCarl, Holtgraver, Shaffer, Saldana, Hannagan, K. Swindell, Dollansky.

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