SHOOTOUT: Ferguson, Mother Nature win Round 6 of Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte

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CONCORD, NC – By Jacob Seelman – Speed 77 Radio — The wet weather that’s plagued southern North Carolina the past few weeks bit the racing action again Tuesday night, postponing most of the feature action for Round 6 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout.

Severe thunderstorms arrived and forced officials to call the night before it had really begun, but not before the Legends Young Lions division had a chance to complete their 20-lap feature.

Carson Ferguson (Concord, NC) continued his hot streak after missing Week 3 action, scoring his third consecutive win in the division after a hard-fought battle with Jared Irvan, who led most of the event. The first half of the feature was run caution-free, but the second half featured four cautions, the last of which pushed the feature into a green-white-checkered overtime finish.

The third caution period swept up Payton Ryan in the melee and also collected Doug Barnes Jr. Barnes was able to restart, but Ryan’s car, which launched partially on top of Barnes’ car, had to be towed off via wrecker.

On the ensuing restart, Ferguson dogged Irvan before making what would ultimately be the race-winning pass working Lap 19 of 20. Even a caution on the final lap which pushed the race one lap past its scheduled distance did not deter the driver of the #00, who pulled away over the final two laps from runner-up Michael Torres.

“I started getting hit from behind there late (running second),” Ferguson said following the race. “And then the caution came out and it moved us back to third again because they put us back to the last lap completed. But we were hounding the leader (Irvan) there on the restart, and got into him, and I’m sorry about that, but we got to the lead, and just held it to the end. Can’t thank everyone who makes it happen for us enough.”

In Round Five make-up features for the Bandolero divisions, Nick MacMillan (Concord, N.C.) won in the Beginner Bandits division; Dawson Cram (Mooresville, N.C.) in Bandolero Bandits and Miguel Cesar (Clemmons, N.C.) in the Bandolero Outlaws division.

Fans who attended the weather-shortened event can bring their ticket stubs for admission to next week’s races.

The 20th annual Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series continues next Tuesday, July 16, with a bound-to-be-exciting U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association exhibition race and the Little Luggies 600 Power Wheels race, in addition to full slates of Legend Car and Bandolero racing action.

Round 6 Unofficial Results:

Legend Car Young Lions Feature (21 laps): 1. Carson Ferguson; 2. Michael Torres; 3. Jared Irvan; 4. Tripp Gerrald; 5. Stefan Parsons; 6. Stevie Johns Jr.; 7. Connor Pyle; 8. William Byron; 9. Dillon Faggart; 10. Seth Werner; 11. Spencer Davis; 12. Doug Barnes Jr.; 13. Matt Craig; 14. Alex Murray; 15. Trent Barnes; 16. Riley Herbst; 17. AJ. Davis; 18. Noah Gragson; 19. Payton Ryan; 20. Jordan Mander.

Bandolero Outlaws Round Five Make-Up Feature (15 laps): 1. Miguel Cesar; 2. Alex Reese; 3. Austin Powell; 4. Jacob Brumagin; 5. Austin Green; 6. Nate Tretow; 7. Banks Johnson; 8. Jordan Plummer; 9. Ivan Gundmestad; 10. Dylan Smith; 11. Scott Joy; 12. Ashley Caldwell; 13. Jacob Heafner; 14. Sprout Royal; 15. Chase Purdy; 16. John Holleman; 17. Jensen Jorgensen; 18. Ashton Winger; 19. Eric Brown; 20. Matthew Davey; 21. Casey Kirwan; 22. Nicholas Ceraolo; 23. Dakota Ratcliff; 24. Kayla Lyons; 25. Hannah Bell; 26. Jack Fread.

Bandolero Bandits Round Five Make-Up Feature (25 laps): 1. Dawson Cram; 2. Cason Werner; 3. Chandler Smith; 4. Zachary Dabbs; 5. Noah Ewing; 6. Hayden Humphrey; 7. Justin Taylor; 8. DJ Canipe; 9. Ryleigh Lemonds; 10. Blake Cisneros; 11. Enzo Fittipaldi; 12. Daniel Wilk; 13. Brayde Miranda; 14. Kamera McDonald; 15. Liz Montgomery; 16. Austin Geer; 17. Braydn Mander; 18. Richard Kuty.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Round Five Make-Up Feature (25 laps): 1. Nick MacMillan; 2. Joshua Kossek; 3. William Robusto; 4. Matthew Eades; 5. Isabella Robusto; 6. Wyatt Smith; 7. Grayson Bundrick; 8. Hunter Jarrett.

Photo Credit: Chris Seelman Photography

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