AUDIO/RECAP: This One’s For You, Dad; Josh Turner Scores Emotional Summer Shootout Victory in Round Four Action

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CONCORD, N.C. — Audio, photo and recap by Managing Editor Jacob Seelman for Speed77 Radio and Race Chaser Online — Even Hollywood couldn’t write this Summer Shootout script.

And Josh Turner wouldn’t have it any other way.

Turner, who lost his father late last week and attended the funeral services yesterday during practice, streaked to victory lane in a rain-soaked Quaker Steak and Lube Legend Car Semi Pro feature after what looked to be a stroke of misfortune turned into the ultimate break.

While pitting on lap 2 for a broken oil line, Turner and his Kyle Beattie Racing/Cray Motorsports crew swapped his regular slicks for rain tires in preparation for a rapidly approaching shower. When the rain started to fall on lap 7, Turner rapidly made his way to the front, dodging wrecks that drew caution flags on four straight laps.

The soaked race track caused countless spinouts and difficulties that forced three cars to the garage including points leader, Riley Halverson, who retired due to a mechanical failure about halfway through the main event.

Turner was unfazed by the wet track, and took the lead on lap 13, never looking back en route to a stunning 11.863 seconds margin of victory over previous week’s winner, Devin O’Connell.

“This is unbelievable; I don’t even know what to say,” Turner said, tears in his eyes in Victory Lane. “This was supposed to be my last year anyways; Dad and I had talked about it, but this…this happening when it did…I just don’t even know where to start but thank you. He would be so proud of this. It’s truly special.”

Josh Brimecombe made his way to a podium finish for the third time this season with a third place finish despite looping the car during the rainstorm. Connor Pyle finished in fourth, edging out John Holleman, who led the race before getting involved in a wreck on lap 10.

In Pro Class action, Daniel Hemric won his third race of the season and 23rd career at Charlotte, charging from seventh and falling as far back as 11th during the 25-lap race.

Jordan Black took the lead early after starting on the front row, but Kason Plott overhauled him for the top spot at Lap 3. Greg Lang and Michael Torres, along with Black, dueled hard for second while Hemric slowly made his way through the field. On lap 17 the caution flag flew when Lang spun in turns 3 and 4, and a second yellow emerged on lap 19 for a mishap involving Steven Cantrell.

On the restart, Hemric chose the outside lane alongside Plott and was able to pull away to collect the win. William Byron was also able to get by Plott and finished second, while Plott rounded out the podium.

Time Warner Cable News meteorologist Matthew East finally collected a Media Mayhem School Bus Slobberknocker trophy during Week 3 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series as well. After starting shotgun on the field, East made his way to the front after a late race field inversion and collected his first Media Mayhem school bus race victory after trying for several years. Otis, of Kiss 95.1, jumped out to an early lead, while East, NBC Charlotte meteorologist Brad Panovich, WCCB sports anchor Brandon Davidow and Fox 46 meteorologist Rob Eicher tried to go four-wide into the first turn.

Speed51’s Bob Dillner made contact with the bus of WBTV meteorologist Al Conklin, who in turn spun Otis’ bus to bring out the caution on lap 4. Officials inverted the field and East started the final three-lap sprint from the front row holding off a hard-charging Dillner. As the checkered flag flew, it was East with the victory, Dillner in second, WKKT’s Kris Stevens in third, Eicher in fourth, Otis in fifth, Conklin in sixth, Davidow in seventh and Panovich in eighth.

Other winners included Tom Pistone in the Legend Car Security Force Masters division; Michael Womack in the Legend Car Young Lions division; Jensen Jorgensen in the Bandolero Outlaws; Chandler Smith in the Bandolero Bandits and Elijah Todd in the Beginner Bandits.

Pistone and Smith both picked up their fourth straight class wins, while Womack ended the three-race win streak of Young Lions class points leader Carson Ferguson.

“This is a really cool night,” Womack grinned in victory lane. “Any time you can beat that (Ladyga Motorsports) 48 car, you’ve done something special. What a night for us.”

The 21st annual Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series continues Tuesday, July 1, with a spectacular fireworks extravaganza and the Little Luggies 600 Power Wheels race, in addition to regular Legend Car and Bandolero racing divisions.

Fans can also enjoy an autograph session with Red Bull Global Rallycross drivers Nelson Piquet Jr., and Steve Arpin.


RESULTS: 21st Annual Jack in the Box Summer Shootout; Round 4 — June 24th, 2014

Legend Car Pro Feature (25 laps): 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. William Byron; 3. Kason Plott; 4. Jordan Black; 5. Zane Smith; 6. Joey Padgett; 7. Steven Cantrell; 8. Evan Swilling; 9. Gregory Lang; 10. Jared Irvan; 11. Trey Jarrell; 12. Michael Torres.

Audio with race winner Daniel Hemric:

Audio with runner-up William Byron:

Security Force Legend Car Masters Feature (25 laps): 1. Tom Pistone; 2. Robby Faggart; 3. Bruce Silver; 4. Carl Cormier; 5. Robbie Woodall; 6. Chip Ferguson; 7. Ron Mander; 8. Jan Ingram; 9. Shawn Geisel.

Audio with race winner Tom Pistone:

Quaker Steak and Lube Legend Car Semi-Pro Feature (25 laps): 1.Josh Turner; 2. Devin O’Connell; 3. Josh Brimecombe; 4. Connor Pyle; 5. John Holleman; 6. Jordan Stillwell; 7. Jake Tretow; 8. Sheldon Crouse; 9. Dylan Faggart; 10. Craig Biryla; 11. Austin Langenstein; 12. Brian Henderson; 13. Robby Lyons; 14. Casey Brown; 15. Riley Halverson; 16. Tyler Truex; 17. Enrique Limon.

Audio with race winner Josh Turner:

Audio with 2nd-place Devin O’Connell:

Audio with 3rd-place Josh Brimecombe:

Audio with 4th-place Connor Pyle:

Audio post-accident with Tyler Truex:

Legend Car Young Lions Feature (13 laps): 1. Michael Womack; 2. Stefan Parsons; 3. JJ Haley; 4. Matt Thomas; 5. Carson Ferguson; 6. Seth Werner; 7. Ryan Millington; 8. Dawson Cram; 9. Alex Reece; 10. Scott Joy; 11. Amber Burchette; 12. Jacob Heafner; 13. Mason Diaz; 14. Austin Green; 15. Stevie Johns Jr.; 16. Walter Thomas; 17. Alex Murray; 18. Christian Eckes; 19. Joseph Graf; Zachary Dabbs.

Audio with race winner Michael Womack:

Audio with 3rd-place J.J. Haley:

Audio with 5th-place finisher and class points leader Carson Ferguson:

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (14 laps): 1. Jensen Jorgenson; 2. Chase Purdy; 3. Ashton Winger; 4. Jack Fread; 5. Austin Powell; 6. Eric Brown; 7. Hannah Bell; 8. Matt Mead; 9. Nick MacMillon; 10. Trevor Rizzo; 11. Matthew Emery; 12. Joe Redmond; 13. Matthew Davey; 14. Miguel Cesar Jr.; 15. Kamera McDonald; 16. Jackson Combis; 17. Kayla Lyons; 18. Jordan Plummer; 19. Nate Tretow; 20. Justin Taylor.

Audio with race winner Jensen Jorgensen:

LiveWell Homes Bandolero Bandits Feature (19 laps): 1. Chandler Smith; 2. Eddie Fatscher; 3. Connor Younginer; 4. Daniel Wilk; 5. Ryan Israel; 6. William Robusto; 7. Liz Montgomery; 8. Josh Kossek; 9. Ashton Higgins; 10. Kyle Campbell; 11. Brayde Miranda; 12. Austin Geer; 13. Richie Kuty; 14. DJ Canipe; 15. Blake Cisneros; 16. Ryleigh Lemonds; 17. Braydn Mander; 18. Mini Tyrell.

Audio with race winner Chandler Smith:

Audio with 4th-place Daniel Wilk:

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Elijah Todd; 2. Carson Kvapil; 3. Roy Hayes; 4. Ashley Pantoulas; 5. Brandon Grants; 6. Dylan Notaro; 7. Josh Speas; 8. Autumn Weaver; 9. Dom Redmond; 10. George Hayes; 11. Cameron Bolin; 12. Bryson Ruff; 13. Isabella Robusto; 14. Carson Poindexter.

Audio with race winner Elijah Todd:

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