ASCS Carolina Sprint Car Series: Oglethorpe Speedway Park Added To 2014 Schedule

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November 21, 2013 – The ASCS Carolina Sprint Car Series welcomes Oglethorpe Speedway Park in Pooler, Georgia to their growing 2014 schedule of exciting and affordable 305 Sprint Car touring series races.  The series will race at Oglethorpe on Friday, April 25th and Friday, September 5th.

“It’s been fun working with Randall Jenkins to put these shows together at Olglethorpe,” said Series Director Tom Baker.  “Randall tells me the fan base down there loves sprint cars and we’re motivated to put on some really good shows for them.  I realize it’s a challenge for some of our racers to haul that far on a Friday but we saw an opportunity to plant a seed that could become something special with an enthusiastic track staff in an area with a strong sprint car fan base.  That’s what a new series like ours needs.  Randall has already started reaching out to his area racers to let them know about our shows and is actively helping us build excitement.  In addition, we’re trying to line up a track or two to race at down there on Saturday night as a companion show so we have two doubleheader weekends on our schedule. We’d like to create some excitement for the Georgia and upper Florida 305 racers to come and run with us up here.  Growing a nice four race package that could include some extra incentives in the future is a great way to show them that we’re willing to make it a two-way street by helping them build out their area as well.”

Several other tracks have committed to bring the series in and dates are in the process of being worked out.  “The racers are anxious for dates and we are anxious as well but it’s not as easy as people would think.  It’s like building a massive jigsaw puzzle.  Some tracks want specific dates and some don’t.  Some are just finishing up racing and some others just haven’t started 2014 scheduling yet.  Each track has numerous series like ours wanting race dates and they have to work through and figure out which they want and when to have them.  We also have some obstacles to work around with other sprint car series.  We had May 17th at Sumter Speedway in South Carolina set and then we discovered that was Racesaver’s  305 National Weekend in Virginia and we want to let our racers support that so we’re working on a new date.  We need to be off the two weekends that the USCS Sprint Car Series comes through the Carolinas because some of our racers like to go support those shows also. We’re trying to work with everyone to develop sprint car racing as a whole in the area so respect for what else is going on around you becomes another factor in scheduling your shows.”

Baker added that the first year for a series is always the hardest.  “You’re the new kid on the block and you don’t have an established relationship with the tracks yet.  It’s not necessarily that there isn’t a desire to add you to their schedule.  You’re just not in their rotation yet so they have to make a place for you.  Once you’re in, if you put on exciting shows and the fans are responsive, it gets easier to just keep building on it in future years.  For example, we have two dates in pencil with Lancaster Speedway and Doug McManus has been very gracious.  But he’s got to put his pieces together in the way that is best for his track and his fans so we are just waiting for him to tell us if the two dates we have are going to work or if we need to make changes.  It’s a business and we need to do our best to accommodate each track’s situation if we want to make the final cut.  We’re in that same position with several other tracks.  Once you’ve put that foundation in place with a track then it’s easier in future years to repeat it and make it better.  Our goal is anywhere from 12-20 races next year and we are working hard to make that happen.”

Shawn Mott, the racer who laid the ground work for the new series, has been busy lining up numerous contingency partnerships for next season. “It’s a boost to all of us racers that so many companies are excited about being a part of what we’re doing,” Shawn said.  “BR Motorsports, King Racing Products, Dave Eely at DMI, Saldana Racing, SBI Fuel Systems, Maxim Chassis, TI22/GF1 Chassis, Petrozelle Autosport and Hoosier Tire are among those already on board with us either with race night contingencies, banquet giveaways or both.  Hoosier is also our point fund sponsor through their relationship with ASCS.  We really want to do as much for the racers as possible and we can’t thank these companies enough for joining us in that goal.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Petrozelle

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