360 KNOXVILLE NAT’LS: Borrowed Motor Powers Slammin’ Sammy to Victory on Night Two at Knoxville

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa — official release — C.D. Nelson photo — For the fourth time in his career, Sammy Swindell visited victory lane in 360 sprint car competition at the Knoxville Raceway Friday night.

Swindell claimed night two of the 24th annual Arnold Motor Supply 360 Knoxville Nationals with a borrowed Al Parker Racing Engine under the hood.

Challenged in the closing laps by the Sioux Falls Ford No. 13, Mark Dobmeier ran the cushion to pull even with Swindell.

“When you’re out front, you don’t really know,” said Swindell. “They said Brown was running the bottom pretty good and I made some good runs there but I was just kind of conserving my tires there early and watching Dobmeier so as long as I could keep pace with him, I wasn’t too worried.”

Chasing Dobmeier the first eight rounds, Swindell shot from fourth to the runner up spot on the second lap. Working the low groove on the Knoxville Raceway, Swindell took the lead on the ninth round; following a restart after Alan Ambers and Jack Dover made hard contact in turns one and two. Ambers was taken to the hospital for observation.

Slowed for the final time with six laps to run, Dobmeier stayed committed to the cushion with the battle side by side going into the final two laps, but giving Swindell too much room is all it took for the Big Game Tree Stands No. 1s to take the line and the win.

“We were running at a blistering pace at the front there but had those yellow flags to bunch us up. I think I still had a faster car. I was able to come around the top and show him, and I think I could have done it earlier, but wanted to wait until I had a spot where I could just get it, and keep it, but I showed him a little too soon and he took my line away,” said Dobmeier.

Brian Brown came to third from eighth. Changing gears under the lap-eight red flag, Brown was happy but felt he had a problem with tires on the restart.

“It was really like my right-rear tire just didn’t go after that red and when those guy started moving around out there and kind of showed Sammy where to go on the track,” Brown said. “I just ended up running third so we’ll figure it out and hopefully come back tomorrow and get a couple spots better.”

Ian Madsen from ninth finished fourth with Bronson Maeschen slipping from the front row to complete the top five.

Friday night saw 56 drivers timing in for a weekend total of 103 drivers. Brown turned the fastest lap of 16.488 seconds.


RESULTS: 360 Knoxville Nationals; Knoxville Raceway; August 1, 2014

Fast time: Brian Brown, 16.488 seconds (56 cars).

First Heat (8 laps): Brian Brown, Danny Wood, Josh Higday, Trey Starks, Jeff Swindell, Tony Shilling, Sheldon Haudenschild, Jarrod Schneiderman, Chase Johnson, Bart Friedrichsen.

Second Heat (8 laps): Bill Balog, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Dusty Zomer, Sean McClelland, Thomas Kennedy, Tim Shaffer, Tyler Courtney, Joey Moughan, Paige Polyak, Clint Garner.

Third Heat (8 laps): Robbie Stillwaggon, Bronson Maeschen, Jack Dover, Tasker Phillips, Travis Rilat, Jon Agan, Seth Brahmer, Brooke Tatnell, Ron Kubli, Ryan Bickett.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Terry McCarl, Mark Dobmeier, Sammy Swindell, Scott Winters, Seth Bergman, Josh Baughman, Billy Alley, Jason Martin, Kevin Ramey, Chris Graf.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Wayne Johnson, Ian Madsen, Dylan Peterson, Alan Ambers, Gregg Bakker, Jac Haudenschild, Harli White, Phil Dietz, Tyler Drueke, Blake Hahn.

C Main (10 laps): C. Johnson, Polyak, Drueke, Ramey, Alumbaugh, Graf, Kubli, Hahn, Bickett, Carlson, Halverson, Turley, Montgomery, Morgan, Garner, Friedrichsen.

B Main (12 laps): Brahmer, Agan, Shaffer, J. Swindell, Bakker, Bergman, Shilling, Tatnell, Moughan, Rilat, Schneiderman, Alley, Polyak, Baughman, J. Haudenschild, C. Johnson, Drueke, Martin, Ramey, Dietz, Kennedy, Courtney, White, S. Haudenschild.

Feature (20 laps): Swindell, Dobmeier, Brown, Madsen, Maeschen, McCarl, W. Johnson, Zomer, Phillips, Hafertepe, Shaffer, Peterson, J. Swindell, Winters, McClelland, brahmer, Starks, Higday, Stillwaggon, Wood, Balog, Dover, Ambers, Agan.

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